Who's Amnesty

The Woman Behind The Dream

Hi, I'm Crystal Coleman the founder and creator of Amnesty Cosmetics. I'm a free spirit, ambitious woman with an eye for creativity. Growing up I loved to sew, knit, and do anything artistic with my hands. I left home at 20 and joined the U.S. Army. I graduated from EPCC with an AAS in Paralegal, but soon after graduation I knew that wasn't the path for me. So, I took a tour of the local beauty schools and quickly signed up for the task. Nails became my passion instantly. Due to my OCD, depression, anxiety, and other social compulsions I found out quickly the the nail world would be a forever home for me. After a few years in the industry and growing my social media platforms I decided to revamp my artistic passion into a press on line and cosmetics. Being able to spread my art around the world is more satisfying to me than just waiting for the next big thing to happen. 

April 2018 I decided to launch this crazy thing called press ons and not because of what others thought or did, but because of what I needed. I needed a home, my art did also. I needed a place to call my own. With just under $300 I decided to take a chance and try. A few months later and I've begun to thrive and fly. 

I decided to take a chance and providing countless amounts of people with my cosmetics has been so worth it.

Amnesty isn't a person, it's a way of living. It's doing and saying what you please without harming others. It's living the life you desire to have, by creating your own path. Amnesty is free.

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